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Invisible Warfare Against the Family


Every day, believers fight invisible, spiritual battles. The enemy has waged war against Godly families, often using our lack of understanding to overcome current and future generations. We must equip ourselves with the knowledge of God's word to win these battles. Through Invisible Warfare, Apostle Bertha F. Terry teaches readers how to recognize the influence of their invisible enemy while using the Word of God to gain victory in and over life's challenges.

Traveling back to the biblical narrative of Adam and Eve, Invisible Warfare gives fresh insight into the relationship between God, humanity, and Satan's desire to divide us from our Creator.

Readers will leave armed with how to use the word of God to combat the lies of the enemy, recognize the internal and external weapons used against us, build strong, godly families that follow God's ordered plan, know the voice of the God amid chaos, and grow in our spiritual walk--tool guaranteed to help us win the battle so that future generations stay in a loving relationship with the Father. This book is essential for anyone seeking to live the life God intended for them!